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Achievements against MoU target (Main Parameters) during the Year 2016-17

S.N. Evaluation Criteria Unit Target Achievements
i) Capacity Utilisation :Loan Sanctioned Rs. Cr 440.00 476.61
ii) Efficiency Parameters (Physical operations):
a) Efficiency Parameters:
  Average time taken for disposal of loan application. Timeline 30 days 15 days
b) Technology up-gradation:
  Award of contract for implemention of Loan Management System Software Timeline 15.02.17 06.10.16
iii) Leveraging Net Worth:
Disbursement/Total Funds available
% age 73.00 71.44
iv) Monitoring Parameter:
NPA/Loan Assets
% age .51 .13
v) Turnover from Operations:
Revenue from Operations
Rs Cr 39.50 47.48
vi) Operating Profit/Surplus
Profit/Surplus before Tax (excluding Other Income, Extraordinary & Exceptional items)
Rs Cr 20.00 25.06
vii) Early Signs of Weakness:
Restricting the No. of claims against the Corporation not acknowledged as debts claims raised by CPSE & Others
Nos. 1 --
viii) Marketing Efficiency ratios:
a) Disbursement /Loan Sanctioned % age 77.00 81.27
b) Overdue Loans to Loan Asset % age 11.00 10.80
ix) Return on Investment:
  Surplus/Net Worth % age 1.50 1.65
x) Sector/CPSE Specific Target :
New MoUs to be entered with RRBs/PSBs/MFIs for acting as channel partners
Nos. 9 17

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