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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of NBCFDC schemes at the grass root level are regular feature of the Corporation.  The SCAs have also been advised to strengthen the monitoring mechanism for proper implementation of schemes. Third party evaluation studies are conducted through independent agencies. During 2014-15 PWC, GIPE, APITCO, and Dexter Consulting Pvt. Ltd.   have conducted evaluation studies in 14 States.

Outcome of  Evaluation Studies (2014-15)

Main Parameters



i) Total No. of   Beneficiaries inspected



ii) % of Beneficiaries utilised the loan for intended purpose



Evaluation of Ongoing Schemes

The objective of the study during 2015-16 is to inspection of the beneficiaries & submit the report separately who have obtained loan upto Rs. One Lakh and above during last 5 years and to ascertain :-

  • the assets created by the beneficiary, If not created the reasons thereof.
  • Utilization of loan for the purpose taken, if not used for the purpose the reasons thereof.
  • beneficiaries found during inspection who have crossed poverty line after availing loan from NBCFDC and the increase in their income level.
  • Impact of NBCFDC schemes on Socio-Economic condition of the beneficiaries;
  • Difficulties, if any faced by beneficiaries in obtaining the loan/assistance and time taken in obtaining the loan, Recovery from beneficiaries and SCAs and suggestion for improvement.
  • Suggestions for improving the implementation of NBCFDC scheme at grass-root level as well as District and Head Quarter level of SCAs.
  • Marketability of products made by beneficiaries and suggestions for improvement.

*The SCAs may consider these parameters while assigning any evaluation studies in their States.

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