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Loan Scheme Description

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New Swarnima for Women


Inculcating the spirit of self-dependence among the women of Backward Classes under Term Loan.


  • The women belonging to Backward Classes as notified by the Central/ State Governments from time to time shall be eligible for loan under this scheme.
  • Applicant’s annual family income should be upto Rs. 3.00 Lakh.  

Salient Features

  • The target group of the “New Swarnima” scheme of NBCFDC is the women belonging to Backward Classes having annual family income upto Rs.3.00 Lakh.
  • The beneficiary women is not required to invest any amount of her own on the projects upto cost of Rs.2,00,000/-.
  • The rate of interest on the amount of loan is less as compared to the general loan scheme of the Corporation.

          Maximum Loan Amount                      :       Rs. 2.00 Lakh (per beneficiary)

Pattern of Financing

  1. NBCFDC Loan                                                  :        95% 
  2. Channel Partner Contribution                        :        05%

Rate of Interest

  1. From NBCFDC to Channel Partner               :        2% p.a.
  2. From Channel Partner to beneficiary           :        5% p.a.


Loan is to be repaid in quarterly instalments with maximum 8 years (including the moratorium period of six months on the recovery of principal)

                               For more information contact Toll Free No.18001023399


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